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Hertfordshire County Council

What the Hertfordshire public thinks

Set up in 2017, the Suicide Prevention Network involves more than 20 organisations. Our vision is to make Hertfordshire a county where no one ever gets to a point where they feel suicide is their only option.

What the Hertfordshire public thinks

A recent survey of Hertfordshire residents revealed that they think suicide is an issue and would like to know more about what we are doing to prevent it. The survey (devised by representatives from The Ollie Foundation, Mind, HPfT, ViewPoint, HCC, and Spot the Signs) launched 20 December 2018 via social media and ran until the end of January 2019.

749 people responded, which wildly exceeded expectations. The majority wanted more information about what we are doing to prevent suicide, with social media overwhelmingly chosen as the preferred means to be updated. 264 people (over 35% of total respondents) told us they would be interested in participating in suicide prevention work.

So what next?  Over the next 3 months we will analyse the information and present it to the working group and the programme board for discussion and to agree next steps. Watch this space!