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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire HWE ICS W4 Community Fund Projects

The Suicide Prevention Network involves more than 20 organisations. Our vision is to make Hertfordshire a county where no-one ever gets to a point where they feel suicide is their only option.


Carers in Hertfordshire - Unpaid carer's support hubs

Carers’ Support Hubs around the county to prevent isolation, deterioration in mental and physical health, provide a safe space to express difficult feelings, and to reduce the daily strain of caring that is often suffered in silence.

Website: Carers in Herts


Survivors Against Domestic Abuse - The 'Move on' project

Works with male clients who are not just suffering abuse but also are struggling with their mental health.  By working collaboratively with partners including local business we want to make it easier for men to report abuse and get advice and practical help. 

Website: Survivors Against Domestic Abuse (SADA) (


Stevenage Healthy Hub Everyone Active - The Men’s Club

Four-week course specifically for men. Each week, the course focuses on positive mental wellbeing, physical activity and lifestyle and health behaviours.

Website: Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre - Everyone Active


Stevenage FC Foundation - Extra Time Hub

A free, social inclusion programme which is in partnership with the English Football League (EFL) Trust and aims to build a community of people to help them enjoy their retirement years and maximise the positive changes in getting older.



Medialis Wellbeing - All-Levels Basketball 4 Men (18+) Drop-In sessions

Weekly basketball sessions for men with monthly support group after the class so participants can discuss their mental wellbeing, held at Birchwood Leisure Centre, Hatfield.



Watford & Three Rivers Trust - A Slice of Happiness Programme

Hertfordshire mental health service, working with up to high-risk individuals, using The Three Principles which is an evidenced approach, first organisation in the UK to offer this free of charge in a community setting.

Website: A Slice of Happiness - Watford & Three Rivers Trust (


Rosedale Community Church, Cheshunt - Warm Welcome

Provides a weekly warm space for those who could not heat their own home, with free hot drinks, biscuits, hot lunch and friendship, board games and jigsaws and round the table discussion.

Website: Rosedale Community Church (


Hector's House - Hec Talk

This fortnightly group has been created for the purpose of helping men through the power of conversation and destigmatising the stigma surrounding men’s mental health. Takes place at The XC Centre, Hemel Hempstead.

Website: Hector's House HecTalk - Hector's House (

Walk The Walk Family Support Service CIC - IEWBH+: Step Forwards

Walk the Walk specialises in working alongside families who are impacted by child-parent abuse, many of whom are at risk of their child being removed by Social Services in order to safeguard their welfare. Step Forwards programme includes a series of online mindfulness meditation workshops to deliver a focus on self-care and introducing mindfulness meditation.

Website: Walk The Walk CIC – Family Support Service


Communities 1st - Men that Meet

Mens well being group for widowers looking to meet other people for social interaction to combat loneliness and isolation. The age group is for older men primarily 70+ and meets at Windsor Hall, Borehamwood.



The Harpenden Trust - For and with Men Project

Extends the Mind in Mid Herts Outreach Project running in Harpenden, focusing on strategies to engage with men to deliver supportive interventions focusing on prevention, reducing stigma, challenging commonly held beliefs around male mental health and promoting a positive message around seeking support.

Website: The Harpenden Trust – We are here to help the AL5 community


Apex in the Community - Stronger Together in Body and Mind

A fitness and wellbeing project for men suffering with their mental health and looking to use this programme as an intervention before any issues become critical at the Active Dacorum Community Hub. The offer programme linked with a partner organisation, Viking Circle Fitness.  The aim of the project is to bring men together in a community and social setting, to take part in a diverse range of physical activities that will improve the participants fitness, strength, flexibility and most importantly, their mental health.

Website: Active Dacorum Hub Website - The Active Dacorum Hub


Community Learning Partnership - Mixed Media for Wellbeing

Mixed media workshops for people with mental health conditions, who are vulnerable to suicide, taught by a qualified tutor with experience of supporting learners with this profile, and embedding wellbeing into delivery. 


The Ollie Foundation - Prescription Safe-Plan Awareness Project

Programme of awareness sessions taking place in community settings such as community centres, and schools as well as online, aims to upskill education professionals, students and families on what a Prescription Safe Plan is, why they are useful to how to use one. The overall aim to reduce the potential for iatrogenic harm being unsupported and reduce the potential for suicide as a consequence of medication. 


Herts and Essex (Ware) Samaritans - Face to Face support Project

Providing Samaritans support outside of the branch in community at community events.

Website: Herts and Essex (Ware) Samaritans